First Steps
Laying the Foundation
Applying the Knowledge
Ending and Next Steps

Ending and Additional Learning Roadmap

Congratulations, you have successfully completed the  course- Digital Accessibility- Making Documents Accessible for All.

We believe you now have a good knowledge on digital accessibility and know how to make digital documents accessible for all. We trust you will apply these knowledge and skills in your both personal and professional life. 

Now,  since you have the basic idea of accessibility, you can explore more about other digital accessibility issues like making emails, PDF, social media’s posts, audio/video materials, website and apps accessible for all. These are also very important aspects if we want to make all of our digital communications accessible for all.

We have put some links to external sources for the references in our Material Section. You can access these resources and read them for knowledge gathering.

We will also develop and provide our own courses in the subjects like these and many more in the coming days. We believe you will enroll and enjoy those courses as well.

For the graduation from this course and to become eligible for a course completion certificate you have to take part in and pass the final quiz. Wish you all the best.