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Understanding Mental Health

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Mental Health Mini-Course

Welcome to the mini-course on understanding mental health. In this course, you will get a basic overview of subjects like the concept of mental health/wellbeing, mental illness, myths related to mental health and some facts/figure about mental health.  

The video of this course is in the Nepali language. However, subtitles and the written contents have also been provided in the English language. After completing all the contents and completing the quiz at the end, you will be eligible to acquire a course completion certificate.  

We hope this mini-course will be very supportive for you to understand about the concept of mental health, mental illness and taking care of your mental health. Thanks again for taking the time to start taking this course.

About the Instructor

Sujan Shrestha

Mr Sujan Shrestha is currently a full-time faculty at St. Xavier’s College. He is passionate about promoting mental health wellbeing and enhancing the field of Psychology in Nepal. His primary interest lies in academia and research. He is also a founder of a youth-based mental health organization, Psychbigyaan Network Nepal, which promotes mental health and psychology in Nepal.

Accessibility Information:

All the videos have included Nepali Sign Langauge Interpretation. Also, captions in the Nepali and English language are available. In addition, text lesson can be read in both Nepali and English language by using the language switcher button. 

The Learning Inclusion website is fully accessible to people with disabilities.


A course completion certificate will be provided to students who complete the course and quiz.


  • Contents produced/presented by: Mr Sujan Shrestha (In association with Pyschbigyaan Network Nepal) 
  • Technical Advisor: Mr Sagar Prasai, Diverse Patterns  
  • Text lesson creator: Mr Nir Shrestha  
  • Caption and Editing: Ms Pristina Dhakhwa
  • Sign language interpreter: Mr Prakash Maharjan