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About Us

With the tagline “Innovative courses to help you become more inclusive”, At Learning Inclusion, you will have the opportunity to foster your knowledge and enhance your skills on range of inclusion related real life scenarios.

About Learning Inclusion

Learning Inclusion is an inclusive online platform that offers courses related to Inclusion and Accessibility.

All the courses available in our website currently are FREE of COST. You can register an account with us and start learning. In addition, we will also provide certificate of completion to those users who complete the course and all its required modules.

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illustration of a visually impaired person, sign language symbol and a symbol of person with hard of hearing.

Accessible to All

Our platform is digitally accessible to all users including those with disabilities. By following the principle of digital accessibility mentioned in Web Content Accessibility Guideline 2.1, we have included features like easier keyboard navigation and descriptions of all graphics (for those with visual impairments), videos with Nepali Sign Language (for those who are deaf), captions in all videos (for those who are hard of hearing).

No Language Barrier

We have made our whole website as well as the courses available here in both Nepali and English language, thus, enabling more users to get the knowledge without language barriers.

A computer screen showing english letter "A" translated into Nepali letter "Ka" implying the whole website is translatable.